How I can help

✔︎ Would you like access to a strategic resource that has an excellent track record of successfully addressing challenges and delivering change?


✔︎ One that will work closely with you to address the challenges you're facing and help you make the changes you want quickly and effectively?


✔︎ That can provide a sounding board for you, mentoring and coaching others within your business?

✔︎ Someone who's experienced, flexible and not part of your headcount?

I help businesses plan for the future and find solutions to problems and challenges that are currently holding them back.


I'm a marketer, strategist and problem solver with over 25 years industry experience. 


✔︎ Are you a business leader striving to stay ahead of the game?

✔︎ Is your business facing challenges that threaten to hold things back?

✔︎ Do you struggle to find the time and resources to address these effectively?

✔︎ What impact would addressing these challenges have on your business?

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I've worked in Industry for over 25 years in sales, business strategy and marketing roles. I'm a problem solver- someone who assesses a situation quickly, gets a handle on what's needed and then works out a practical plan to make it all happen and deliver the desired results.  


Examples of the challenges I've delivered solutions for:-

▶︎ Rebuilding a declining business brand, making it the most valuable brand asset in the company.

▶︎ Working out a strategy to secure competitive advantage from the sustainability agenda and securing external accreditation to externally demonstrate business commitment to this.

▶︎ Creating a joined up market approach for 10 businesses under the same portfolio, making it easier for clients and specifiers to find what they need and allowing the company to more effectively cross sell.

▶︎ Leading a customer recovery plan that took the company from worst to best supplier status within 12 months.

▶︎ Preparing businesses for GDPR, building understanding and helping put what's required in place to demonstrate adherence. 

Why work with me?

▶︎ Identifying a cost effective way for a small business to scale up and move from local to national coverage.

▶︎ Putting in place measures to successfully protect a brand portfolio from being compromised and passed off. 

▶︎ Developing a clear and consistent face to market for a growing business and the online media to support this.

▶︎ Enabling a charity to develop a clear forward strategy and plan for building its volunteer pool, helping them manage internal opposition and gain the confidence of the Trustees.

If you're looking for someone who can work closely with you to assess specific business challenges/problems and find solutions that will deliver results, don't delay contact me now.