Why marketing matters more than ever in an age of uncertainty

Who this time last year would have predicted we would vote to leave the EU, have a new prime minister (only the second woman in the UK's history) and see a candidate win the US presidency who seemed to have offended everyone even before he was elected?

Sometimes we have a year that seems to come straight out of some far fetched work of fiction and 2016 certainly felt that way. Yet in reality we are constantly living through change and nothing stays the same, even if the changes are not always as momentous as those we lived through in 2016.

Often mistaken as just being about promotions (and more specifically advertising), marketing is about how businesses connect their offer with customers and focuses on everything from the product, price, route to market, people, processes and yes also (but not only) promotions.

One of the great things marketing helps businesses do is prepare for uncertainty and change. Only when they understand the environment they operate in and anticipate the changes that may lie ahead, can businesses make the right decisions about their offer.

Understanding the potential impact of changes like new legislation or the uncertainty thrown up by Brexit, means businesses can plan for the future and thereby regain some control. They can also help and advise customers so they are prepared and in doing so steal a march on competitors who are less marketing focused.

Marketing acts like an anchor for a business - providing support in rough seas and stopping it drift away.

So in an age of uncertainty marketing matters more than ever... but only if it covers more than promotions!

Ceri George has her own marketing business By George Marketing and an online marketing training course called Marketing know-how for the busy woman. To find out more about learning the secrets to great marketing click here

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